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The strength of Bowls as an inclusive, great-to-play, experience for all ages and abilities were on display, as Disability Sport & Recreation used bowls to launch their 'Score online' directory at the Sebastopol Bowling Club.

'Score' aims to connect people with disabilities with sport, sports providers and clubs, making it easier for them, their families and carers to find activities and suitable venues.

'Score' is an interactive directory of sport, recreation and accessible venues for people with disabilities.

Bowls clubs with supportive programs will be part of the 'Score' directory. More than 50 people experienced bowls at the Sebastopol Bowling Club as part of the launch. Bowls Victoria Chief Executive Graeme Bridge was present for the launch along with DSR CEO Richard Amon.

All in all it was a fantastic launch and one the Sebastopol Bowling Club was pleased to participate in. Many thanks to the Clubs wonderful volunteers who made the launch such a great success.


 SBC Dome

The 'Dome' is now completed and has been officially opened. Please check out the great shots which were taken from the sky during the Premier and Divsion 1 grand finals on the 20th of March 2016.


Join Club Mix Now!

The Sebastopol Bowling Club has a new membership available and a great rewards program. Membership is free and the benefits are fantastic. Next time your at the Club just ask our staff on how to join.



Bowls for Schools Program

The Sebastopol Bowling Club has a 'Bowls for Schools' program

Many Schools visit the Sebastopol Bowling Club and receive bowls coaching.

All coaches are accredited with 'working with children' certificates and the program benefits many.

The interaction between generations is fantastic for both and the benefit being involved in sport cannot be under estimated.

From the Club's point of view, we are very excited about exposing a new generation to a great sport and past time.

Any Schools wishing to access this program can simply just call the Club on 03 5335 8839