Updated Dress Code Policy Dec 2017



2017 Approved Constitution

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Bowls Victoria Information

Lawful Discrimination to Facilitate Participation in Same Sex Competitions.



Meeting of the Bowls Members

Wednesday the 9th of August at 7pm.

An information session that will cover how the club will ensure it legally complies with the EO Act regarding the lawful discrimination to facilitate participation in same sex competitions.



Bingo is now running every Wednesday at the Club

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Lawn Bowls Hypnosis

This fantastic website is all to do with bowls. Just Click here.

Thanks to Ron Atkinson for generously allowing the SBC to use his bowls cartoons in our newsletters.



Pennant Draws 2016

Men's Club Pairs closes: June 13th

Ladies Club Pairs closes: June 22nd

Ladies Club Triples closes: July 6th

Ladies Club Fours closes: July 20th